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About our non-GMO line of feeds...

June 22

There is no denying…once you become a chicken owner, life is richer! The joy of having a flock is something only chicken people get….and that’s OK by us. Those who tend to the land, raise flocks or farm in any way find that life can be deeply satisfying.

A rich life not bought but created.

As keepers of rare and heritage poultry, we created our NON GMO layer ration for the sole purpose of providing our flocks with a nutritious, freshly milled feed that is free of GMO grains and toxic chemicals. Whole grains, the way our grandparents used to feed.

We are grateful for the opportunity to earn your business and trust by providing you with some of the freshest, NON GMO chicken feed in the industry! One look at and smell of our feed and you will notice quality grains that can actually be identified!

We understand the need to provide our flocks with the best possible life and feeding NON-GMO plays a big part in providing that life. Our experience has shown that feeding NON GMO results in a healthy digestive tract, a more productive egg layer and a chicken with gorgeous, full feathers.

As farmers, we work hard to keep our prices fair while providing a product that is nothing less than superior. The pricing we offer to our customers is “direct from the farm pricing.” In the United States, it is possible for soybeans and corn to be handled as many as 15 times from the time it leaves the farm until processing. That is simply not the case when you buy from Cedar Crest Farm and Feed! The farmer where our grains are purchased from is a local, organic, “salt of the earth farmer” who shares our values both in business and in life. Just like this farmer, I promise to strive to provide a superior product and develop life-long relationships with our customers!

We are so confident that your flock will benefit from our feed that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. (Shipped feed will be eligible for refund for feed less shipping costs.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust, your business and your farm friendship!

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